Friendly Schools Plus: Complete Pack

Friendly Schools for Primary Schools

A comprehensive set of resources has been developed and tested to support the Friendly Schools whole-school approach in Primary Schools. These resources can be purchased as individual items or as a school set. Many schools purchase the Primary Years Complete Pack and then add extra pieces they need.

The Friendly Schools Primary Schools Complete Pack includes:

  • Evidence for Practice Whole-school Guidebook
  • Implementation Map Poster
  • Friendly Families Booklet
  • Set of nine posters
  • 1 copy of each of the 8 Primary Years Classroom resource books

If you have more than one class of each year level, you can purchase extra classroom resource books individually to enable each teacher to have a book.

A library of downloadable resources is constantly being updated and extended to support schools with their implementation of Friendly Schools. Access is complimentary with the purchase of any of the Friendly Schools resources. You will receive instructions on how to access these downloadable resources through the School Login when you receive your resources.

Primary Years Complete Pack Price: $350.00

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