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Friendly Schools: Staff Survey (1 x whole staff)


We have listened, we’ve gone green and want to make your important job easier. You can now purchase a single copy of each resource for all your classes and teachers as needed. You are no longer buying physical resources reducing your need to purchase multiple copies of each resource. Additionally, all purchases come with free access to our digital resource library. Access instructions for login are provided after checkout is completed.

The Friendly Schools Staff Survey is a self-administered online survey tool designed to be completed by all school staff. The survey aims to provide schools with an understanding of their staff’ perspectives and needs surrounding social and emotional and learning (SEL) and bullying and online bullying behaviours and evaluate important outcomes that are known to support wellbeing such as a positive school climate.

The staff survey asks staff about their:

  • Wellbeing, stress and life satisfaction
  • Perception of their schools’ climate
  • Self-efficacy to enhance students’ social and emotional wellbeing and reduce bullying behaviours
  • Perception of the priority, effectiveness and consistency of their school’s prevention, response, and support strategies
  • Professional learning needs

Price to administer the survey for your whole staff: $100.00