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Friendly Schools Plus: Staff Survey (1 x whole staff)

Friendly Schools Staff Survey is a self-administered online survey tool designed to provide schools with an understanding of their staffs’ perspectives and needs surrounding bullying and cyberbullying behaviours.

The survey asks about:

  • Perception of their key understandings about bullying behaviours
  • Attitudes towards bullying behaviours
  • Perception of their skills to prevent and manage bullying behaviours
  • Self-efficacy to reduce bullying behaviours
  • Perception of the priority, effectiveness and consistency of their school’s prevention, response, and support strategies
  • Time spent responding to bullying

Price to administer the survey for your whole staff: $20.00

Please note: The Friendly Schools team is currently in the process of updating the Friendly Schools Staff Surveys. The new surveys will aim to provide schools with a greater understanding of their staffs’ perspectives and needs surrounding social and emotional learning and bullying behaviours and evaluate important outcomes that are known to support wellbeing such as a positive school climate. Including these additional constructs in the surveys will allow school staff to have a greater understanding of their overall social and emotional wellbeing. Please note, the cost of these new surveys will increase slightly as schools will be provided with a more comprehensive survey measurement tool and an enhanced school summary report.