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Friendly Schools Plus Foundation (5 Year Olds)


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The Primary Classroom Resource Books are designed for students aged between 4 – 11 years and include downloadable resource books for each year level from K (Early Years) to Year 6.

The Primary Classroom Resource books are organised into three sections.

Section 1 – Evidence before action provides teachers with key understandings and evidence about social emotional learning and bullying.

Section 2 – Teaching and learning resource provides lessons with activity designed to develop the social and emotional learning skills of students.
The Teaching and learning resource section in each book is divided into the five key areas:
Social awareness
Relationship skills
Social decision-making

These Key areas link directly to the General Capabilities outlined in the Australian Curriculum under ‘Personal and Social Capability’.

Section 3 – Whole-school approach offers information on bringing the whole-school community together to contribute to the development and ongoing maintenance of the friendly and safe culture of the school.

School Login section of this website. Student activity sheets and resources such as Teacher logs and overview of the FS primary teaching focus areas K – 6, The continuum of the social and emotional learning skills and a new suggested Literature List can be accessed as individual downloadable files through the School Login section of this website. You will receive instructions for your Login with your resources


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