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Friendly Schools Plus: Evidence for Practice


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Evidence for Practice whole-school guidebook

A comprehensive guide to the evidence-based strategies and the implementation process of Friendly Schools.

This book describes the evidence supporting Friendly Schools and describes research-based practice approaches schools can implement to maximise and sustain effective social and emotional skill building and bullying prevention strategies.

This content is organised into three sections.

Section 1 – Evidence before action provides key understandings and evidence about social emotional learning and bullying.

Section 2 – Friendly Schools whole-school approach – This section is designed to support schools to identify and successfully implement whole-school recommendations. To assist school-based leadership teams to identify the evidence based key elements for action, section 2 has been organised into six inter-related whole-school components which are represented in individual chapters within this section of the resource.

  1. Building capacity
  2. Supportive school culture
  3. Proactive policies and practices
  4. Key understandings and competencies
  5. Protective physical environment
  6. School-family-community partnerships

Section 3 – Friendly Schools Implementation – The Friendly Schools Implementation section guides school coordinating teams through the entire implementation journey, from getting ready, to reviewing and sustaining outcomes.

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