Step 4: Build collective capability

Friendly Schools Plus provides professional learning to build collective capability of all staff to implement policy and practice to enhance social and emotional learning and reduce bullying

In achieving successful change within the school environment staff should feel part of the decision-making process and be prepared for any proposed changes to their work practices. Professional learning for staff to build their knowledge and skills to prevent, identify and respond effectively to bullying behaviour is essential. However, building their belief that a) the change will be better than what they were doing before; b) they can easily implement the intervention proposed and c) the program is compatible with their role and professional identity comes with being involved in decision-making. Commitment from staff to implement new strategies and make changes to their daily practices will improve if they are provided with capacity that enhances their motivation and increases their competence. Staff who are part of the school’s core team responsible for facilitating change will need additional training to build their capacity to support other staff to implement the new practices in their school.

More information can be found in chapter 1, page 57 of the Evidence for Practice text.