Cyber Strong Schools

The Cyber Strong Schools section of this website provides a suite of systemic and sustainable resources to the school community to enable it to better support students in interacting online in a safe and positive manner. The resources provide a framework to build school staff's personal and professional capacity to educate and enable students to engage in positive ways with social media.

The online digital environment offers young people new opportunities to broaden their education and develop innovative ways to analyse, synthesise, and create new knowledge. Instant messaging, blogging and social networking sites represent a new means of communicating. Just as students are educated about offline communication; they also need to be educated about communication in an online environment. The school community has an important role in better equipping students to function in a digital world, where technology is not only an integral part of information-seeking, but also where social media is a vital platform for interpersonal communication.

This resource will assist school staff to respond proactively to the ever evolving online world, including the place of social media, and the positive and negative behaviours it generates among young people, which impact both their learning and wellbeing.

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