Professional learning services 

Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions

Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions (HBPLS) provides customised professional learning in all areas of the Friendly Schools initiative.

All Friendly Schools professional learning is delivered by accredited HBPLS training associates. It is based on ongoing research involving more than 27,000 school-age students from pre-primary to Year 10, and it is supported by targeted resources and strategies that have been developed and rigorously tested in conjunction with real Australian schools. Friendly Schools training associates work with teachers, leaders (both teaching and non-teaching), students, parents and community members in understanding of social and emotional learning in order to assist in the development of a healthy and safe school environment and support the prevention of bullying. 

For more information or to book your accredited training associate, call HBPLS on 03 8558 2456 or send us a message via the Contact page.


Get hands-on team training. Take one day, two days or more to develop skills and strategies in an area of need.


Revitalise your school improvement efforts. Kick off the school year with an energising keynote on a targeted topic, or lay the foundation for a new professional learning initiative.


Harness technology for efficient learning. Interactive web conferencing (IWC) and interactive video conferencing (IVC) provide flexible support. Get answers to your unique implementation needs and questions wherever there’s an internet connection.


Receive targeted support to take your instruction to the next level. Work closely with a coach to determine your strengths, identify areas of improvement, and develop your expertise.


Support transformative, lasting improvement. Long-term services map out a comprehensive plan for success. We will work with you to define your needs, your goals and your non-negotiables. We’ll structure your budget and timeline to show you how to tailor diverse resources – on-site professional learning, books and resources, coaching and more – into a plan that suit your school’s unique needs.