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Friendly Schools Plus recognises schools are implementing many positive whole-school actions to improve students’ social and emotional development and to reduce bullying behaviours. However, school leadership teams often need help mapping strategies currently being implemented against a quality evidence-based framework to determine gaps and possible overlaps. Friendly Schools Plus has developed a unique online Screening Tool to help schools determine what whole-school actions they are currently undertaking, and in what areas they need to take further or different action to achieve more positive student outcomes.

The screening tool and planning tool provide a systematic way for schools to assess and evaluate current whole-school policy and practice and identify the mosti important evidence-based actions each school can take to improve the social and emotional health of its students.

This online screening tool provides schools with a snapshot of their current activities to build positive social skills and reduce bullying and other forms of aggression among students. It will also helps schools to map the gaps and identify strengths in their current policy and practices. Together these whole-school indicators provide a systematic overview of the most important evidence-based actions a school can take to improve the social and emotional health of its students.

All schools staff are encouraged to rate the level of activity in their school over the last 12 months for each of the six evidence-based practice areas using a rating scale of no activity; low activity; moderate activity or high activity. This information is then collated into one school report that can be used to guide planning and monitor progress over time.

Features of the revamped Map-the-Gap screening tool include the following:

  • seamless interfacing across a range of devices, platforms and browsers
  • one-click button enabling administrators to generate a new screening for all users
  • automatic notifications for users when they have a new screening to complete
  • email reminders that can be sent to users who have not completed a screening
  • an animated progress bar indicating progress towards completion of each component
  • integrated analysis tools that produce individual results, school average results and a detailed school report
  • exporting of individual results, school average results and the school report in PDF format
  • direct-from-browser printing of individual results, school average results and detailed school report
  • clear differentiation between users and account administrators
  • self-service password reset for user

Please click here to view step-by-step instructions and FAQS on getting started with Friendly Schools Online Management System.

The Friendly Schools Evidence for Practice text provides detailed instructions on how to address your Map-the-Gap results.

Terms and Conditions

  • Map-the-Gap subscription is valid for 1 year from date of set-up.
  • Schools must provide a host contact’s email address in order to set up Map-the-Gap screening tool.
  • Schools will receive a registration link via email within 1 working days of order being processed.
  • Host contact is responsible for creating all participating staff accounts.
  • On completion of 1 year, schools must renew their subscription for a fee of $90.00 (inc. GST) to continue using the product.

Minimum Browser Requirements for Friendly Schools Online Management System are as follows:

Internet Explorer



18 or later


6.1 or later

Google Chrome

30 or later


JavaScript, Cookies Enabled

The recommended Screen Resolution is 1920 x 1080. 

Friendly Schools Online Management System should be accessed through a non-restricted network.

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