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Although in many ways cyberbullying is simply bullying, the use of technology adds a level of complexity that can impact both the engagement in and experience of these behaviours. It is important to consider if people cyberbully for different reasons than they bully in non-cyber ways. It is highly likely that not having to see the fear in the target’s eyes and being less aware of the consequences reduces the potential for empathy and remorse – factors that would lessen the likelihood of future acts of aggression and bullying.

Since digital technology today plays such an important role in the communication and social support of young people’s daily lives, it is a crucial aspect of whole-school social and emotional wellbeing. This section of the Friendly Schools website provides information and advice for parents, teachers, students and school teams who want to know more about cyberbullying and online safety.

Friendly Schools acknowledges the Public Education Endowment Trust (PEET), who provided funding for the Cyber Strong Schools research project on which the Cyberbullying Support section of this website is based. Visit our Cyber Strong Schools website for more information.


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