What are some ways that I can work towards reducing bullying?

  • Start with yourself. Make a commitment not to support bullying in any way. Do not harass, tease, or spread negative gossip about others. Respect others, value differences and try to broaden your social circle to include others who are different from you.
  • Choose your friends wisely. Make it clear to your friends that you will not put up with bullying. Refuse to spend time with people who are mean to others.
  • Share the responsibility. Everyone has a responsibility to help stop bullying. Spread the word that bullying isn’t cool.
  • Learn to recognise bullying. Bullying comes in many different forms – all equally painful and wrong. Whether it’s hitting or pushing; teasing or name calling; ignoring or spreading nasty rumours, we don’t put up with bullying in our school or community. It makes everyone feel bad.
  • Keep track of ‘hot spots’. Work with friends to take note of places where bullying occurs. We call these ‘hot spots’. Pass this information on to your Friendly Schools Coordinator or your teacher.
  • Speak up! State clearly to students that bully you and your friends won’t be involved in any bullying. When someone is bullying someone else speak up and tell them bullying is wrong. If it doesn’t feel safe, get help.
  • Walk away! By standing and watching bullying, you’re encouraging it. Walk away as soon as you see something mean, nasty or threatening happening and then go to get help.
  • Help the person being bullied. Make an effort to get to know kids who are picked on. If they seem sad or worried tell them there is help. Support them to tell a parent, teacher or another trusted adult.
  • Students who bully need help too. Be firm that bullying is wrong but don’t ever be mean to the person bullying. Remember – two wrongs don’t make a right.
  • Be a leader. Take steps to stop bullying in your school. Talk to your teacher or principal and ask for help in setting up a ‘Say No to Bullying’ or ‘Student Support’ campaign.

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How can I encourage others to help stop bullying?

  • Start a peer support group. You could join an existing group that is promoting non-violence at your school, or launch your own.
  • Set up a forum for students to talk about school bullying and to brainstorm about possible strategies to stop bullying in your school.
  • Organise a poster competition to promote good social skills.
  • Start a drama troupe to develop productions with non-violence themes, such as peaceful conflict resolution, respect for diversity and tolerance.
  • Launch a school ‘crime watch’ program.
  • Plan a non-violence rally or dance and encourage other students to make a commitment to avoiding conflicts.
  • Start a ‘peace pledge’ campaign in which students promise to settle disagreements without violence, to reject weapons and to work toward a safe school for all.
  • Set up an anonymous hotline so students can share their concerns if they feel threatened or know of someone who may become violent.

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Is it possible for us as students to make a difference to our school’s whole-school culture?
It is totally possible for students to establish a schoolwide culture of respect. Just keep these simple principles in mind:

  • Everyone has the right to work and learn in an atmosphere that is free from bullying and fear.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that they do not abuse or bully others.
  • Students should feel confident to talk to an adult if they are worried about bullying and have the right to expect that their concerns will be taken seriously.
  • Everyone has a duty to work together to protect each other from bullying and abuse.

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