Bullying. So Not OK


Friendly Schools, Headspace and the Supré Foundation have teamed up to address bullying and social relationship issues in Australian Schools


To ensure schools are provided with the most current evidence-based practices available, headspace National Office (hNO) has partnered with Friendly Schools through the support of the Supré Foundation Grant Program, to develop a multi-component initiative to support schools in addressing and preventing bullying. This partnership allows the Friendly Schools research team to enhance their commitment to provide schools with the most comprehensive evidence-based approach to enhancing social and emotional wellbeing in students, and creating a supportive school community approach to prevent bullying. Schools who are implementing a whole-school Friendly Schools approach will now be able to link to their local headspace centre to further support students and families.


Friendly School author and coordinator Erin Erceg has developed new resource packages for headspace Community Awareness Officers and the Supré Foundation to further align Friendly Schools messages, including:

  • Website training package for headspace Community Awareness Officers to support the Friendly Schools approach, provide in-school student workshops, and provide help and support for young people at headspace centres.
  • A free book is titled “Bullying, so not OK” addressing girls social relationship issues – a handbook for girls and their parents. This book is being released through the Supre stores with a full store campaign starting in April 2017.  Lilly Van Der Meer from Neighbours will be promoting the campaign and the book.

This promotion is a great opportunity to get your students and their parents talking about these issues. It is also an ideal time to get a whole-school community approach to prevent bullying with students as leaders of your actions. If you would like support and training with your staff to get this exciting whole-school approach embedded into your school. Please contact Erin Erceg at eerceg@hbe.com.au


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