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Edith Cowan University The Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) was established in 2004 at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. It conducts highly applied (practical) research to improve the physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing of children, adolescents and their families. The CHPRC achieves this by

  • conducting innovative, high quality health promotion research in areas of national priority for children and adolescents
  • actively fostering strong collaborative links with industry, the professions, government agencies and the community to ensure the findings are relevant and can inform state and national policy and practice
  • creating a supportive and stimulating learning culture for undergraduate, postgraduate and other researchers

The CHPRC’s large, multi-disciplinary research team is nationally and internationally recognised for conducting evidence-based research to develop and evaluate practical school and community-based programs and training to promote child and adolescent health through family, school and community-based projects in the following areas:

  • bullying prevention and cessation (including cyberbullying)
  • mental health promotion
  • drug use prevention and cessation
  • road safety and injury control
  • healthy body weight

Through significant partnerships with government, non-government organisations, industry and community, the CHPRC’s research has generated new knowledge which has served children, families, communities and government throughout Australia. Their research outcomes have focused critically on understanding issues in diverse contexts, seeking locally relevant solutions for communities while informing state and national direction and policy.


Health Promotion and Education Team, Telethon Kids Institute The Founding Director, Professor Donna Cross and many of the research team from the Child Health Promotion Research Centre are now based at the Telethon Kids Institute in Western Australia. This research team continue to conduct research addressing the social and emotional development of children and young people.  Much of this research continues to be used to refine and improve the Friendly Schools Plus social and emotional learning whole-school resources. The team is especially focused on vulnerable groups of children and adolescents with behavioural, social development, physical and mental health needs; including children with chronic disease and disability, Aboriginal young people, and those who have social development difficulties and mental health problems.


Hawker Brownlow Education Hawker Brownlow Education is an Australian-owned private family company. For over 30 years, the company has developed its unparalleled reputation as specialist educational publishers and printers within the Australasian market. The company focuses on cutting edge teacher resources on a wide range of subjects, including

  • brain-based learning
  • gifted and talented education
  • critical and creative thinking
  • multiple intelligences
  • differentiation
  • cooperative learning
  • habits of mind
  • curriculum mapping
  • leadership skills

We provide educators with access to training and events across Australia and New Zealand. Our highly qualified training associates are skilled to provide the following support roles within your school:

  • onsite professional development
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • critical friend support

Funding bodies

Friendly Schools acknowledges the following organisations for their contribution towards the initiative. Healthway-Logo-small     Public-Education-Endowment-Trust-small

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