Links to national and international policy

Friendly Schools has clear links to both the Australian National Safe Schools Framework and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Health Promoting Schools model.

National Safe Schools Framework

National Safe Schools Framework

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The National Safe Schools Framework identifies bullying as a key issue to be addressed and provides a national approach to help schools and communities address this issue. It recommends evidence-based planning, implementation and monitoring. Schools that adopt the Friendly Schools framework will gain access to the strategies and tools necessary to fulfil all nine elements of the revised version of the National Safe Schools Framework.

Health Promoting Schools

The WHO Health Promoting Schools model offers a framework for planning a whole-school  health program. The model aims to establish a safe and supportive environment that protects and promotes the wellbeing of students and other members of the school community. Health Promoting Schools are characterised by the interrelationship of three key areas:

  • Curriculum, teaching and learning practices
  • School organisation, policy and ethos
  • School-home-community links

These areas need to be thoroughly integrated and coordinated for health promotion activity to be effective, with action in one area able to promote change in another area. For this reason, Friendly Schools is designed as a whole-school initiative, with six interrelated components ensuring improvement in every area of practice.

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