Become a Friendly School


Whole-school change is sustained when evidence of good practice aligns with real-world school vision and practice. Research findings informing the Friendly Schools initiative include the need for schools to establish a strong foundation to support effectiveness and sustainability of the implementation process. Schools need to begin by identifying and clarifying their specific whole-school vision, then aligning this with current evidence for practice to reduce bullying and enhance social and emotional understandings and competencies. This approach enables schools to take ownership of the process and work towards implementing policies and practices that meet their specific needs in a coordinated and sustained manner.

Implementation of the Friendly Schools initiative is designed as a staged process, where each stage builds upon the others in a continuous and interactive manner. The Friendly Schools Implementation Road Map (displayed below) guides schools through the entire implementation journey, from getting ready to reviewing and sustaining outcomes. It is a visual representation of the five stages of implementation, each broken down into a series of 14 steps outlining sequential actions to guide school teams though the process. More information on each individual step is available in the research-based Evidence for Practice resource, which contains a comprehensive guide to the implementation process.

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Friendly Schools Implementation Road Map

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