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Friendly Schools, Headspace and the Supré Foundation have teamed up to address bullying and social relationship issues in Australian Schools


Whole-School Social and Emotional Wellbeing Initiative for Schools

Friendly Schools is the first Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Anti-bullying Initiative for schools developed through extensive research with Australian children and adolescents. It is recognised nationally and internationally as a comprehensive, evidence-based approach that can reduce bullying behaviour.

“Friendly Schools is a multi-component, evidence-based, whole-school initiative involving the whole-school community to build social skills, create supportive environments and significantly reduce bullying in school communities. It draws on 13 major research projects conducted over 15 years involving 27,000 Australian school students.”

Prof. Donna Cross

Founder and chief researcher

Friendly Schools

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Setting up a coordinating team is essential in order to facilitate and manage the process of reviewing, planning and implementing Friendly Schools strategies to reduce bullying. Read more to learn the essentials of an effective school team.


Given their ability to guide student learning, teachers have a key role to play when it comes to reducing bullying in schools. Here, Friendly Schools offers evidence-based advice to help teachers deal with bullying behaviour within the classroom and beyond.


The Friendly Schools process is a multi-component, evidence-based whole-school process. Visit this section of the website to explore the research supporting a whole-school approach and to learn more about the individual components for change.


Changing school culture is more likely to be successful if parents and families are actively involved. This section of the Friendly Schools site offers information and advice to parents who are concerned that their child may be affected by bullying at school.


Students are very important in creating and maintaining a safe and friendly school environment. This part of the Friendly Schools website is designed to provide information that helps students to understand and deal with bullying that they experience.


Friendly Schools aims to support students to interact online in a safe and productive manner. The information in this section of the site provides a framework for the whole-school community to engage in positive ways with digital technology and media.

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