Whole School

A whole school approach recognises that all aspects of the school community can promote, or reduce students’ health and wellbeing, and that students’ learning and their health are inextricably linked. This online resource is consistent with the Friendly Schools Plus multi-component whole school program through its application of the Health Promoting Schools model. This module, Whole School Policy, is designed to enhance whole school efforts with emphasis on cyber issues.

In this video, Prof. Donna Cross talks about the importance of whole school policy and the content in the module.

Prof. Donna Cross talks about the Whole School Policy module


After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify your relevant sector policies (DOEWA, AISWA, CEOWA) related to the use of social media
  • Apply guiding principles when designing school policies related to the use and misuse of technology
  • Recognise the importance of school policy to establish procedures and practices for the integration of communication technologies into teaching and learning.
  • Appreciate that the misuse of technology is potentially a crime
  • Utilise your knowledge in responding to cyber issues.


This section focuses on Proactive Policies and Practices. For more information on Proactive Policies and Practices click below on the button.

For information on the inclusion of the Friendly Schools Plus components into the Cyber Strong Resource click here.